With Remnant: From the Ashes Traits Guide, you will have a better grasp of all in-game traits which are the passive abilities giving your character offensive and defensive boosts for his adventure in Remnant: From the Ashes game. It’s so important to understand all the best traits you will have as well as to learn how to unlock traits in the game. Let’s take a deeper look at this Remnant: From the Ashes Guide below now!

About Remnant: From the Ashes Traits

As mentioned above, traits can be regarded as the passive abilities that bring offensive and defensive boosts to your character. There are different ways to achieve traits, such as progressing further into the game, completing quests, and searching for secret passages. Each Trait will begin at level 1 and you can level it up by using Trait Points. Once a Trait has been ranked up, it will receive higher bonuses. Therefore, choosing the best Traits to rank up in the game is a crucial thing. You should note that you can respect the Traits later, however, you will definitely want to find out what the best Traits are in Remnant: From the Ashes when you set out the adventure. With the Remnant: From the Ashes Trait Tier List shown below, you will see that the character Perks will be classified within Tiers based on their viability, their strength and if they are worth ranking up.

After eliminating the final boss Dreamer/Nightmare, a consumable called “Orb of Undoing” will be sent to you, and it will respect all of your traits, even the ones you unlock commencing with 1. In addition, it can be purchased from Reggie for 2,500 Scrap.

About Remnant: From The Ashes Traits
About Remnant: From The Ashes Traits

Remnant: From The Ashes Traits Tier List

A Tier – Powerful:

The traits from A Tier in Remnant: From the Ashes are the most chosen ones among a lot of character builds and loadouts. Since these Perks are extremely powerful, they will not let you down while you advance through the game.

B Tier – Balanced:

The traits belonging to this B Tier in Remnant: From the Ashes are so balanced, and it also means that they are currently between the best and the worst tiers. Although these Perks are very handy in most of the circumstances, they are still less than the highest standard when compared to the traits in the A tier.

C Tier – Underpowered:

The traits in the C tier in Remnant: From the Ashes game are not powerful much since they are in shortage of either damage, helpful stats or simple usefulness. You will have to think about your choices again when leveling any of these traits.

Perk Tier List

The importance of a Trait cannot be developed by the position of it within a set tier.

A Tier

  • Vigor – With the Vigor trait, your character’s health will be increased. This is a nice trait for the newcomers who find themselves getting destroyed and attacked a lot. It will be a good idea to level up this trait a bit if you want to get shot with just one hit.
  • Exploiter – This trait helps grow the Weak Spot damage. Although it is not like a large amount, in fact, it boosts damage when a weak spot damage character loadout is being controlled.
  • Quick Hands – With this trait, you are able to reload speed matters many times with groups of foes like this one. When this trait is combined with Trigger Happy, it will turn into BiS Trait for Assault Rifle setups with fast speed.
  • Mother’s Blessing – This trait lessens the damage taken from ranged assaults. This is regarded as a nice defense trait that you should own since it decreases all types of ranged damage.
  • Glutton – The use time of Consumables will be grown by this trait. It’s good to have Glutton throughout the late game where you have to always consume consumables for your survival.
  • Executioner – Your critical strike chance will be increased by this trait. You must own this perk to get critical hit builds.
  • Kingslayer – Thanks to the Kingslayer trait, your critical strike damage will be increased. The trait will become extremely powerful when you merge it with Executioner and its value per point is extremely worth it.
  • Mind’s Eye – With this trait, your ranged damage dished out to enemies will be increased. All types of ranged damage with any weapons you use will receive this increase.
  • Bark Skin – Thanks to the Bark Skin trait, your Armor will be increased. Since this is a powerful trait, you are recommended to use it through early to mid-game.
  • Guardian’s Blessing – This trait helps lessen the damage you take from melee attacks. If you use this trait with Mother’s Blessing, you will have good defenses.
  • Trigger Happy – With this trait, your weapon shooting rate will be grown. You will definitely earn yourself a powerful base for a build when you combine Trigger Happy with Quick Hands. This becomes a famous trait for guns with high attack speed and nice stats.

B Tier

  • Endurance – Your Stamina grows thanks to the Endurance trait. While avoiding the hits from enemies is a crucial thing, the use of Endurance is very restricted when it is compared to other traits. Having good and balanced trait is also good.
  • Spirit – Your mod power generation will be much increased by the Spirit trait. This trait should be used as a support trait. In case you are a solitary player, you will find this trait not useful much when compared to others.
  • World Walker – Your Stamina usage will be lessened by the World Walker trait. Just similar to Endurance, it’s fine at best.
  • Keeper’s Blessing – With this trait, your elemental resistance will be much more developed. It is a great trait for the ones who frequently get attacked and have no ideas about the boss mechanics.
  • Shadow Walker – The enemy awareness will be lessened by this Shadow Walker trait. This is a nice perk for invisible builds.
  • Elder Knowledge – The Elder Knowledge trait grows the amount of experience earned by your character in the game.
  • Scavenger – With this trait, the amount of Scrap you earn will be increased. Scavenger is a useful trait for people that still have to craft gear. But for the ones with full builds, this trait becomes useless to them.
  • Recovery – The value of Stamina regeneration will be grown, but its start delay will be decreased by this trait. Similar to other Stamina perks, this trait is kind of balanced, however, it’s not much worth leveling a lot.
  • Handling – This trait decreases the gun spread and recoil. You will find it useful for a few builds, like Shotgun loadouts.
  • Catalyst – Thanks to this trait, the chance to proc Status effects when attacking a foe will be grown. It is nice in some scenarios.
  • Triage – Your health regeneration effectiveness will be increased by the Triage trait. The trait becomes a good one for the early-mid game when you have earned the Twisted Set with a Blood Font ring on a tank character.
  • Will to Live – With this trait, your general health will be grown when you get injured. This trait is probably useful or useless, it is just around somewhere between the B and C tier. It is able to stop fast on-shots in some situations.
  • Cold as Ice – Your damage dished out the foes from behind will be increased thanks to the Cold as Ice trait. It is quite fine with the bosses, but when you battle against groups of monsters, you are rarely able to get behind more than one.

C Tier

  • Teamwork – With this trait, your Teamwork Range will be grown by 1 meter per point. Definitely, this trait is only useful and co-op games with other players. However, it is also kind of good for nothing when compared to other traits.
  • Warrior – This trait helps grow Melee damage of the character. Melee is not a thing that is feasible for all content at the moment.
  • Arcane Strike – Thanks to this trait, the mod power generation on melee hit is increased. Once again, you should not focus on melee builds right now.
  • Revivalist – With the Revivalist trait, your revival speed will be increased. This trait can be used only in co-op games, even then it is good for nothing because a strong team will rarely collapse.

Things you must do to unlock all Traits in Remnant: From the Ashes game

  • Arcane Strike: To unlock this trait, you must defeat Ravager or defeat the Totem Father.
  • Bark Skin: Make sure you obtain the Twisted Mask from the Mad Merchant in the junk town, then you enter the Living Tree on earth then start talking to it. This trait can only be unlocked if you did not destroy the tree.
  • Cold as Ice: You are required to have an ally to unlock this trait. Try to talk to Brabus on Earth, destroy your teammate throughout the faceoff.
  • Elder Knowledge: You have to search for the tap that is in the basement of Ward 13, once you have listened to it, this trait will be unlocked for you.
  • Endurance: All of the characters in the game will begin with this trait at the start.
  • Executioner: This trait will be unlocked only after you have defeated Ixillis on Crosus.
  • Exploiter: You are required to destroy 150 foes by attacking their weak spot to unlock this trait.
  • Glutton: To get this trait, try to destroy The Unclean One on Crosus.
  • Guardian’s Blessing: You have to unlock a specific dungeon by utilizing a Curio. While you are inside, start to battle against a boss and make sure you deplete its health. Then, try your best to slay the root monster, then you will obtain the trait.
  • Handling: This trait will be obtained once you have collected 10 weapons.
  • Keeper’s Blessing: This trait can be unlocked if you help the rebels that are on Yaesha.
  • Kingslayer: This trait can be obtained once you have destroyed the Undying King that is on Rhom.
  • Mind’s Eye: To obtain this trait, try to destroy the Dreamer and Nightmare on Ward 17.
  • Mother’s Blessing: After destroying the Root Mother that is on Earth, this trait will be given to you.
  • Quick Hands: As soon as you defeat The Ent on Earth, you will get this trait.
  • Rapid Strike: This trait is unlocked only when you increase the level of your melee weapon to 20. It is impossible to be a boss weapon.
  • Recovery: This trait will be given to you if you destroy Claviger on Rhom.
  • Revivalist: To have this trait, make sure you resurrect your teammates many times.
  • Scavenger: This trait can be obtained if you retrieve the Tarnished ring and take it back to Reggie in Ward 13 or if you sell a lot of consumable items.
  • Shadow Walker: This trait will be sent to you if you choose the Hunter Archetype at the start of the game.
  • Spirit: You will unlock this trait if you pick the Ex-Cultist archetype at the start of the game.
  • Suspicion: You get this trait once you have been killed by your allies some times.
  • Swiftness: If you do the Yaesha Bell Puzzle, you will get this trait. Nevertheless, they have to skip the second line when playing the song.
  • Teamwork: To unlock this trait, you must take part in another player’s game or have somebody join theirs.
  • Triage: This trait will be given to you after you have spoken to Navun on Yaesha.
  • Trigger Happy: You obtain this trait once you have leveled up any ranged weapon up to max level.
  • Vigor: At the start of the game, all players will get this trait.
  • Warrior: You will unlock this trait if you select the Scrapper Archetype at the start of the game.
  • Will to Live: When you are resurrected in plenty of matches many times, you will unlock this trait.
  • World Walker: You will unlock this trait as soon as you first step into Rhom.

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